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April 23rd - 26th, 2020
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The WTVP Live on-air Auction has been postponed do to the COVID-19 pandemic, new dates will be announced. In the mean time...

Check out the WTVP Vitual Online Auction

April 20 - 26, 2020

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our Auction!

Since Auction began in 1974, volunteers have been the driving force behind this annual fundraising event. Without our dedicated volunteers the auction would not happen, so become a volunteer and join the WTVP Auction family.

WTVP relies on nearly 600 volunteers throughout the year to help us with our many events. If you are interested in supplying your talents, please give us a call, (309) 495-0547 oremail

How can I help?

There are many oportunities to volunteer during the auction and once you start it may become an annual tradition like it has for many our our volunteers and their family members.

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Before the auction:

Is talking on the phone a natural for you? WTVP needs you to talk with area businesses to ask for their participation. Enthusiasm is a great seller!

Be the first to see AUCTION items! Go get the items already committed by Central Illinois businesses and individuals. Attention to detailed paperwork and availability of transportation a must!

Tracking the many items donated to the Auction requires a great paper flow system. Writing descriptions, filling out donor cards, tagging merchandise are just a few of the inventory processes where WTVP can put your talent to work.

Help spread the news about the Auction Action! To be successful, we need individuals to promote the Auction to area businesses, the public and community.

Ever dream of being a wordsmith? This could be the chance to hear your words spoken on TV! WTVP provides the info -- you provide the description. Computer a must . . . scripting supplies provided.

Do you know the difference between Van Gogh and Van Halen? Then the Art Division could use your talents. Calling donors, picking up artwork, setting up displays help make the Art Division successful.

Do you have the heart of a collector or do you relish fine merchandise from the past? This division is responsible for item solicitation, pick up, description, display, etc.

Evenings during the Auction:

Like meeting people then telling them where to go? This is a great opportunity to greet the many volunteers who help make the Auction a success.

Can you get your fingers in a filing frenzy? This Auction area is the launching pad for the entire merchandise division. The paperwork flows through you to all areas of the Auction.

Do you have that extra special touch or artistic knack for display? The warehouse area is responsible for locating the items for each board and creatively displaying them for the camera.

Are you a mover or a shaker? Your talents can keep the Auction rolling. This team moves merchandise carts from the warehouse to the on-air set. X marks the spot where larger merchandise is handled and displayed.

Are you an amateur sleuth? Then Troubleshooting is where your detecting skills can be put to good use hunting down item information for Auction bidders.

Are you fleet of foot? Get your daily exercise and help Public Television at the same time when you volunteer as a bid runner during the LIVE Auction. (No running required!)

Can you see dollar signs in your sleep? Well, wake up and volunteer your talent to the Auction in the area of Bid Sorting. Apply your brain power and finger manipulation to sorting bid slips by high bid.

Up-to-date on current affairs? Bid Posters are in the middle of the Auction bidding action. You will be required to post the current high bid on the computer for all of Central Illinois to see on air.

Are you the helping hand-type personality? This team is designed for you! Auctioneer Aides assist auctioneers, emcees, and board sellers to achieve the best possible atmosphere in which to sell items.

Are you a clock-watcher? This is an opportunity to refine your clock watching skills and monitor the Auction all at the same time. Watches provided!

How fast can you dial a telephone? This team of individuals calls the high bidders to confirm their bid and give them instructions on how to pick up their merchandise.

Have you ever dreamed of having thousands of dollars of merchandise just handed to you? It happens every night of the Auction to our Sold Item Processors. S.I.P.s handle all the merchandise that has been shown on the Auction. This entails placing merchandise in the appropriate area and filing paperwork.

Do you enjoy working with numbers and seeing results? Track our evening's figures and get the totals first hand. Computer and data entry skills a must.

Celebrate the work of our volunteers with this special event. Help with food to serve our dedicated volunteers and assist the merchandise auction.

Daytime during the Auction:

Are you a detailed people person? This customer service area meets and greets our high bidders, finds and verifies their merchandise and gift certificates, and finalizes the sale.

Colleen Runkle
Luann Claudin | 309-495-0547 for more information.