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April 23rd - 26th, 2020
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The WTVP 46th Annual Live Auction has come to a close. Thank you for supporting your public media station, WTVP, Public Media for Central Illinois. Join us April 23rd - 26th, 2020 for the 47th Anuual WTVP Auction!
Why Should I Donate to the WTVP Auction?

There are many reasons to donate to the Auction. Besides helping us to provide quality programming to your family, employees, and the people of central Illinois, check out these other benefits:

  • Get excellent on-air television exposure
  • Promote your business and product
  • Attract potential customers
  • Enhance your community image
  • Reach an enthusiastic audience that's ready to buy
  • Establish name and brand recognition
  • Show your community spirit
  • Market your quality inventory and business
  • Receive a tax deduction
What do I get when I donate items to the Auction?

All item donors enjoy knowing they are supporting local public television. Additional benefits vary by the retail value of the items.

Lightning & Multiple Boards include items that range in value from $50 to $149. The board and merchandise is show once.

  • On-air showing of merchandise.
  • One on-air promotion of your business and merchandise including item description, donor and location.
  • Have 10 to 20 identical items? Ask about our GAVEL BREAKER promotion.

Feature Boards include items that range in value from $150 to $499. The board and merchandise is shown twice.

  • On-air showing of merchandise.
  • Two on-air promotions of your business and merchandise including item description, donor and location.

Tonight Boards include items valued at $500 to $999.

  • At least two on-air showings of your donation, PLUS at least four on-air promotions of your company.
  • Full scripts read on air, including item descriptions, donor and location.
  • Recognition in the WTVP Program Guide distributed to over 5,000 members and viewers.

Showcase your business with prestigious recognition online and on-air. Items on the Big Board are valued at $1,000 or more.

  • Business name, town and full description (up to 100 words) of your donation on our Auction website with photo and logo, and a direct link to your site.
  • A customized video featuring your donation produced by WTVP from your marketing materials, and available online 24/7 on demand, and to be aired prior to and during the live TV Auction.
  • Recognition in the WTVP program guide distributed to over 5,000 members and viewers.

Opportunities are available for art, antiques, VIP Donors, Four Star / 4 Star Mega Donor, Gavel Breakers and multiple item donations.

  • MULTIPLES - This promotional opportunity is designed maximize limited budgets. Your business may donate 2 - 5 identical items or services for on-air presentation. (Example: 3 @ $20 = $60)
  • GAVEL BREAKERS - Your business will receive exclusive on air promotion by donating 10 - 20 identical items or certificates to be auctioned in a 1-to-2-minute presentation.
  • ART & ANTIQUES - Showcase your talent by creating a work of art for the WTVP Auction or donating a piece from your collection. WTVP will promote your art work and antiques on-air as well as through special and exclusive displays.
  • SPECIALTY / CELEBRITY / TRAVEL - WTVP accepts donations that are unique or one-of-a-kind items. National & local autographed celebrity items are very popular as well as vacations & getaways.
  • FOUR STAR / 4 STAR MEGA DONOR - Gain exposure by donating merchandise/services* (identical or varied) for each evening of the auction. Receive special recognition indicating your support as a "Four Star" or "Daily Double" donor. Add an additional item for our ONLINE AUCTION to be recognized as a "4 STAR MEGA" donor.
  • VIP DONORS - Receive special recognition as a donor for multiple items with a total value of more than $1,000. (Example: 3 items with individual valued of $350) As a VIP Donor, your business will receive a special on-air spot aired ten (10) times prior to the auction, as well as special VIP Donor promotion online, in print and on-air throughout the Auction. VIP Donor items will appear on the Tonight, Feature, or Lightning Boards that coincide with the individual item’s value.
  • CASH CONTRIBUTORS There are two ways that you can participate in the WTVP 47 Auction as a cash contributor:
    1. WTVP will use your cash donation of $100 or more to purchase merchandise to be sold at auction with you or your business receiving valuable live, on-air recognition as those items are auctioned.
    2. Your cash donation will be used to defray Auction expenses while providing you or your business with valuable on-air recognition.
  • IN-KIND SUPPORTERS - Provide behind-the-scenes support (paper, printing, office services and supplies, and much more) as an in-kind donor and receive print and on-air recognition as you help to produce the WTVP Auction.
Available Sponsorships

Put the power of television behind your company by broadcasting your marketing message to an audience primed to purchase. The WTVP Annual Auction is watched live via broadcast to over 350,000 viewers throughout Central Illinois.

Board Sponsorships

Have your Logo & Marketing message located on auction merchandise boards during the auction.

Get High-Ticket Promotion!
10-second logo and voice-over 4-6 times throughout the 4-day on-air auction. Recognition in print, on-air, and online.

Have Prime-Time Visibility!
10-second logo and voice-over 4-6 times throughout one evening of the auction. Recognition in print, on-air,and online.

Gain Super Exposure!
Logo on-air 5 – 7 times during evening. Recognition in print, on-air, and online.

Attract Smart Publicity!
Logo on-air 5 – 7 times during evening. Recognition in print, on-air, and online.

Maximize with the Multiple Board!
Logo on-air 3 – 5 times during evening. Recognition in print, on-air, and online.

Special Sponsorships

Have your Logo & Marketing messagebroadcast during the auction.

Exposure all Evening!
Auction Phone Volunteers20-second image spot aired throughout the evening with choice of Bid Phone Shift or Board Sponsorship; plus additional visual credits in print, online, and on-air. Also on-air spots during WTVP's primetime schedule from May - July.

Get Your Employees Involved!
20 employees on-air answering phones, 2-hour exposure wearing company attire. Visual credits on-air, online, and in print.

Colleen Runkle
Luann Claudin | 309-495-0547 for more information.