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April 23rd - 26th, 2020
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The WTVP Live on-air Auction has been postponed do to the COVID-19 pandemic, new dates will be announced. In the mean time...

Check out the WTVP Vitual Online Auction

April 20 - 26, 2020

What makes WTVP's auction so different?

Our auction is different than other fundraising auctions because - WE'RE ON LIVE TV! Bidding is done real-time by television viewers, right from the comfort of their homes. Items are displayed and described on-air, then viewers phone in their bids. Once a "board" closes, the high bid amounts are announced on air. Did it sound like your bid? Wait for your confirmation phone call (always that same evening) telling you when and where to pick up your item. Phone doesn't ring? Someone else got that item so keep watching and keep bidding.

How do you "Watch, Bid & Buy"?

Here are some easy suggestions:

  • Pull up your favorite easy chair.
  • Have the popcorn and soda close at hand.
  • Don't forget to have your phone close, its battery charged, and your dialing finger in shape!
  • Tune in to the WTVP Auction!
  • Watch the items presented on each board. See something you like? Write down the item number, item name, and your highest bid.
  • Call the bid numbers on the screen and place your bid. (All bids must be at least 50% of donor value)
  • Bid early - as soon as you see an item you want to bid on, CALL!
  • Bid your highest bid - don't count on being able to get back through to increase your bid - it may be too late!
  • If you're the highest bidder, a volunteer will call you that same evening to confirm your bid and give you Pick Up 'N' Pay instructions.
How does the auction work?

Here are the basics:

Items up for auction appear on "Boards". Each type of board is broken down by item value and has different rules. Click on the links below to see sample auction boards.

  • Lightning Boards - Lightning never strikes twice, so you have to move fast to bid on these items! You only get one look at these items - no second chances! Make your bid count! Get your bid in high and fast because these items come and go like lightning.
  • Feature Boards - You'll find some fine quality merchandise on our feature boards. These boards are designated by the color red. You get to see them twice-- once when they're introduced and later so you can see the current high bids. The merchandise is valued from $150-$499. Be sure to bid high on the feature board!!!
  • Multiple Boards - For a mix of great merchandise, look no further than the multiple board. Two to five identical items from a single donor are presented together .... But sold separately to the high bidders. Grouped items must have a combined value of at least $50. Like lightening boards ... The multiple boards and their items are only shown once with no re-caps. So bid high and fast on the multiple board!
  • Tonight Boards - Throughout the evening we'll be recapping items on our tonight board. Tonight board items have been selected for special auction attention because they're valued between $500-$999. You can place your bids during the course of the evening. Final bids will be taken by 10pm and the the high bids will be announced on air.
  • Big Boards - Some of our most exciting items are on the Big Board! These items have a donor value over $1,000 and will be auctioned off this evening between 9:30 and 10:00.

    Bidding on Big Board items is a two-step process: phone in your bid anytime during the evening. Then watch and listen between 9:15 and 10 pm for instructions to call back. You'll then be part of a live auction with other bidders interested in the Big Board items. So be listening between 9:15 and 10 pm for your opportunity to be a Big B
    oard buyer!
  • Gavel Breakers - Gavel Breaker GirlsBe on the look out for a unique opportunity here at the WTVP Auction... it's our gavel breakers featuring 'The Gavel Breaker Girls.' when you see our emcee talking with 'the girls', listen carefully to see what have to offer. That lucky caller could be you!

    Gavel Breakers are, 10-20 identical items with a combined valued of $100+, are for a fixed price right on the spot to the lucky callers who get through first!! It's fast, it's fun, it's a break from the regular auction bidding. So when you see the 'Gavel Breaker Girls' ready for some great bargains!!!

Here is a quick reference:

Board TypeValueShown
Lightning Boards$50-$149Once
Feature Boards$150-$499Twice
Mulitple BoardsVariousOnce
Tonight Boards$500-$999 Multiple times during the evening
Big Boards$1,000 & up Multiple times during the auction
Gavel BreakersVarious Once

As mentioned above, each type of board is open for a different length of time. So make sure to "Bid... Bid High... Bid Often!"

Your board was just sold and the amount anounced was the same amout that you had bid... but that does not mean you are the winner. Someone may have placed a bid with the same amount before you did. If you are the winning bidder, you will receive a telephone call from our confirmation volunteers informing that you have won the item.

It is VERY important to give the telephone number that you will be able to answer when Confirmation calls. If they are not able to contact you, the item will go to the next highest bidder.

[Watch a board being sold]

You must pick up your winning items the next day from "Pick-up & Pay" which is located in the back of our studio. If your items are not picked up, you will lose them and they might appear again during the auction.

If you are an "Express Bidder" you can wait until the last day of Pick-up & Pay (Monday) to pick up all your items. If you do not pick them up by 6pm, you will lose them.

Note: If you know you will not able to pick up your items in time, you can call and make payment arrangements with our Development Department, (309) 495-0547.

"Bid... Bid High... Bid Often!!
Buy! Buy!! BUY!!!"
Bob Harris, Volunteer
Volunteer: Bid, Bif High, Bid Often!
Bidding is simple!

Bidding is simple but it can be intimidating, especially when you're excited about an item or worried about a board closing soon. The phone banks are loud and the volunteers sometime have a hard time hearing, but they are required to get your personal information (every time you call in a bid, even on the same item) before they can get your bid posted. A few things you can do to help your chances are:

  • Talk loudly and clearly
  • Have the NAME OF THE BOARD your item is on (for example "Lighting Board A")
  • Have the ITEM NUMBER (phone volunteers do not go by item description)
  • Remember to bid in whole dollar amounts and start at 50% of the stated item value
  • Get yourself an Express Bid Number so you don't have to go through all your personal information EVERY TIME YOU CALL
Overbid Incentive!

Landmark Cafe & Creperie logoThe Landmark Café & Creperie in Galesburg wants you to overbid the retail price of each auction item! As an incentive, they are going to match every dollar you overbid--up to fifty dollars--with gift certificates towards your next dine-in meal... that's one delicious deal! Certificates will be issued in amounts no greater than twenty-five dollars, can only be redeemed one at a time, and expire in December of this year. The Landmark Café on Seminary Street in Galesburg -- delicious food, great atmosphere and proud to support WTVP.

Colleen Runkle
Luann Claudin | 309-495-0547 for more information.
Contact us

If you have question about the WTVP Auction, to make a donation, or to volunteer please contact the WTVP Development office.

WTVP Development

ATTN: Luann Caludin, Auction Director
101 State Street
Peoria, Illinois 61602

Voice: (309) 495-0547
Fax: (309) 677-4730